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Update - Down to the Wire!

I'm at       766/1000.

This leaves me 78 minutes per day for the next three days. Holy sh*t!

I can do this!!!!!!!! 


 I'm at:  608/1000

392 minutes to go....

Post-Weekend Update

I did a lot of long walks and one hike this weekend for a total of:      537/1000

Leaving me 463 minutes to go, or, 46 minutes per day, every day, until the end of the month. I really think I can do this.

My legs are looking great from all this walking! 


I'm at:   374/1000

Leaving me 626 minutes to go....which equates to 48 minutes per day until the end of the month.

Phew. This is going to take some sweat. 


Today I'm at :  253/1000

747 minutes to go! 


Writing this here everyday is really helpful....it keeps me going...how are others doing?


821 minutes to go.... 


 I'm too lazy to get the ticker thing:  137/1000

863 minutes to go..........................

My update.

I forgot I was supposed to do this on Friday. Sorry guys! Here is my ticker. I'm doing an upper-body split 3x weekly and doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) for cardio also 3x a week. So I'm working out 6 days, I take Sunday off.
This is part of my Body for Life program and so far I'm down 11# and 7.5 inches in 4 weeks.
Here's the ticker:

Total Thus Far

I need to kick it up a notch this week. I have some serious catch up work to do.....


April 3 - did you exercise hmmm?

tonight i did the biggest loser dvd workout. that thing kicks my ass in the best possible way. it is the least annoying workout dvd i have ever owned - and i have owned TONS in my time. it has a 6 week plan to follow. i have never really followed it, but just done the workouts as i please.

so for tonight - 40 minutes of cardio exercise dvd.